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Memorial race funds to be used to build new playground2

Memorial race funds to be used to build new playground

MADISON — Miami Dolphins Quarterback Chad Pennington and his wife, Robin, said that funds raised from an annual memorial race will be used to build a children’s playground in the Madison area soon. The couple hosted the 7th annual Bobby Hampton Memorial Race at Scott High School on Saturday. The race is named for Robin…

A Modern Day Barn Raising in West Madison

In much the same way communities joined together 150 years ago in a “barn raising,” 350 folks came together in West Madison to build a new playground for the community’s children. The event, funded in large part by Chad Pennington’s 1st & 10 Foundation and organized by Kaboom, was an unmitigated success. While original recruitment literature called…

NFL Quarterback Builds Playground with Community in Madison, W.Va.

Volunteers by the dozens gave six hours of their day to help an
NFL quarterback turn a dream into a future the entire community
can embrace.

1st and 10 Foundation Having Successful Year

Chad Pennington’s 1st and 10 Foundation has reached a milestone. According to a news release from the 1st and 10 Foundation, the organization is having a successful year helping communities in our area. The organization has now awarded more than $1 million to charities throughout its three geographical areas, including nearly $780,000 to organizations in southern West…

Chad Pennington’s foundation sponsoring charitable run

Chad Pennington’s 1st and 10 Foundation will host the 7th annual Bobby Hampton “Runnin’ In the Coal Fields” Memorial Race on Saturday at Scott High School in Madison, Boone County. More than 160 runners participated in last year’s event, which is held each year to honor the memory of Robin Pennington’s father Robert Hampton. This year’s event…